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  • 7 Gross Reasons to Get Quality Carpet Cleaning Services ASAP

    June 20, 2020

    According to IBIS World, the carpet cleaning industry is worth 5 billion dollars!

    It’s clear that plenty of people recognize the importance of getting a quality carpet cleaning job done once in a while.

    How could your home benefit from carpet cleaning? Read on to learn 7 gross reasons you’ll want to make sure that your carpets are fresh and clean as soon as possible!

    7 Reasons to Get a Quality Carpet Cleaning Job Done

    As you go over this list, you’ll see that carpet cleaning isn’t just about making sure that your home looks it’s best. It’s also important for your health and comfort. You can relax so much more easily when you know that the surfaces you and your children walk on are clean from top to bottom.

    1. Bacteria and Germs Can Spread Contagious Illnesses

    Carpets can be extremely comfortable and even keep your house’s air cleaner at first. Unfortunately, the way it does this is to take all the bad stuff in the air, like smoke, chemicals, and bacteria, and soak it up.

    Living things like bacteria, fungi, and pollen can end up forming a sort of miniature ecosystem in your carpet.

    A hard floor environment is harder for bacteria to live on; it stays drier, and any significant quantity of dirt gets swept away. On top of that, people are much more accustomed to using chemical cleaners on hard floors than on carpet.

    The end result is that, compared to hard floors, carpet floors end up creating a much better environment for bacteria to grow in, meaning they can keep bacteria alive longer.

    There’s some chance that an adult might end up picking up some of that bacteria from the floor, but adults tend to mostly keep off the floor. Children and pets, on the other hand, are constantly exposed to whatever our carpet might be growing.

    Curing the problem can be difficult. Most people think that if they vacuum their carpet, it is clean, but a vacuum can only reach so far into your carpet. A deep carpet cleaning is the best way to make sure your carpet is clean all the way down to the floor beneath!

    2. Dirt and Grease That Ruin Your Carpet’s Appearance

    A carpet cleaning may be important for health, but keeping a clean and beautiful home or office space is also a serious priority! Everyone knows how good a carpet looks and feels when it’s first installed.

    Over time, carpets become flatter, dirtier, and more stained with dirt and grease. One of the biggest reasons we’re not put off by this change is because it happens so gradually that we get used to it and don’t notice what we’ve lost.

    But if you could see and remember how good your carpet looked when it was first installed, you’d realize how much better it used to be. As soon as you’ve noticed this fact, you might be tempted to drop a ton of money into a brand new carpet.

    Brand new carpets can certainly be necessary eventually, once it’s worn out. But a good carpet can actually last you 10 years or more. What you really need is a refreshing carpet cleaning to return your carpet to its former glory.

    3. Dust, Dust Mites, and More

    Most of the dust we deal with on a day to day basis is actually made of old skin cells. Our skin is constantly being rejuvenated, and old cells fall off the surface of our skin in tiny pieces all the time. That dust ends up collecting in our carpets, and a vacuum cleaning may not be enough to remove it.

    Compared to hard floors, a carpet is a paradise for dust mites. Some people can be extremely sensitive to the excrement that these dust mites end up leaving inside the carpet. The presence of dust mites in your carpet can lead to asthma attacks, eczema, and rhinitis.

    If you or anyone in your family has been struggling with these issues, it’s possible that the real solution is in the carpet. A thorough cleaning can remove contaminants and dust mites from the environment so that people can live and relax in carpeted rooms without being exposed to unhealthy toxins.

    4. Carpet Mushrooms

    If your carpet is often moist or even if it just got wet in the past, then it can turn into an ideal environment for carpet mushrooms to grow in. Mushrooms growing in a carpet can cause serious breathing problems in some people, so it’s important to get them cleaned out as fast as possible.

    5. Remove Mold From Carpet

    Mold is one of those carpet problems that grow over time. Wait long enough, and it could spread to all the carpet in the home, causing it to need replacing.

    If you regularly clean your carpet, you can keep mold spores from spreading, so that the problem never becomes bigger.

    6. Puppy Puddles

    There’s not much more embarrassing than to have visible lines of puppy urine marked across your home’s carpets. Unfortunately, puppy puddles and the smells they leave can be difficult to get rid of.

    A good carpet cleaning service can undo the legacy of your puppy’s untrained days, leaving your carpet as fresh as new!

    7. Remove Makeup From Carpet

    Makeup can be an essential part of our daily routines. But using these products day after day for years means that it’s almost inevitable that something will eventually spill.

    Makeup is designed to make distinct color adjustments, and that color can easily end up stained in our carpet and very difficult to remove. Each kind of makeup requires a different cleaning procedure, and if it’s not done correctly fast, you can easily end up with stains that seem permanent.

    If old stains are still bothering you, get rid of them for good with some deep carpet cleaning.

    Keep Your Home Safe and Clean

    We hope you learned something helpful about the importance of quality carpet cleaning. To learn more about carpet cleaning in Franklin, TN or how it can help relieve allergy symptoms, check out our other pages.

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