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  • 9 Tips to Help You Remove the Cat Urine Smell From Your Home

    June 20, 2020

    Cat urine might be one of the worst smells there is.

    It’s strong, acidic, and stubborn – no matter how much you try it just won’t go! If you have a cat that loves to pee all over your home, you’ll know how hard it is to remove cat urine smell.

    Luckily for all us cat-lovers, there are ways to get rid of it. Put down your carpet cleaner and return your anti-bacterial spray to the cupboard, this calls for something different.

    From coffee to vinegar, try out these methods to keep your home smelling fresh.

    1) Prepare the Area For Cleaning

    Before you put anything down, it’s important you prepare the area your cat’s peed on. This is essential if you want to get rid of urine odor.

    Start by soaking up the cat pee. This will only work if you catch the urine before has a chance to sink in, so be quick! By removing most of the urine, you’ll make learning how to get rid of cat urine smell much easier.

    Use a little plain, cool water to rinse the area. When it’s wet, press the space with a dry cloth or paper towels. This’ll help sponge the rest of the pee out.

    If your cat has peed on anything you can chuck in the wash, do so straight away. It’s all about reacting quickly, so get washing!

    2) Pet Carpet Cleaner

    Once you’ve prepped the area, use a specific cat pee cleaner.

    These are designed for pet problems and can work harder than regular cleaners to get rid of stains and smells.

    We recommend using an enzyme-based carpet cleaner. Enzymes kill the bacteria in cat urine, helping get rid of the problem and eliminate odors.

    You can use them on anything too, so if you’re wondering how to get pee out of a mattress, clothes, or carpet, this will help. Just make sure to read the guidance and safety label first!

    3) Baking soda

    After you’ve cleaned the area with a pet carpet cleaner, you might notice a remaining odor. This definitely isn’t unusual!

    We find it often takes more than one solution to get rid of the smell of cat pee, and natural methods are often best. They’re not tough on your carpets and upholstery, and they’re cheap. A win-win!

    Baking soda is a great solution for how to get cat pee smell out of a carpet. All you need to do is sprinkle some over the area when it’s dry. Let it sit for as long as you can (overnight is best) before vacuuming it up.

    Baking soda works as an odor absorber. It soaks up the cat pee smell and takes it with it when you vacuum.

    You can add herbs and cinnamon to your baking soda for a scented finish.

    4) White Vinegar

    White vinegar works wonders of the smell of cat pee. As an acid, it neutralizes the alkaline salts that are left behind in dried urine.

    Even if you’ve already cleaned it, these salts could still be causing smells.

    To use, mix one-part white vinegar with one part water and apply with a spray bottle. It can be used all over your home, from walls to rugs, and is safe around your pets too. Once you’ve sprayed it, leave it to dry. The vinegar smell should fade after a couple of days and the cat urine smell will disappear.

    If you’ve got a cat that pees around your home, always keep a bottle of this in your cupboard!

    5) Rubbing Alcohol

    It’s usually the ammonia in cat pee that makes it smell so bad. Getting rid of the ammonia means you’ll get rid of the smell.

    This is what makes rubbing alcohol such a great cleaner. It neutralizes the smell of ammonia quickly and easily, and it won’t harm your pets. Just don’t mix it with bleach or it will become harmful!

    To use, soak a cloth with the rubbing alcohol. Don’t pour it onto the area or this will make it too wet and give you more to clean. Wipe the area, pressing down to help the fabric absorb the alcohol.

    Leave it to dry and see the smell disappear!

    6) Coffee Grounds

    Coffee is known for its odor repelling properties. So, it makes sense it will work for cat pee too.

    Collect your used coffee grounds and place them in the freezer to dry them out. Wet coffee grounds will only make more of a mess.

    Once they’re dry, sprinkle your coffee over the cat pee area. Leave the grounds to work overnight before vacuuming them up – just like baking soda!

    7) Use a Primer

    Sometimes cat pee can soak through carpet and into the wood below. This is a nightmare for homeowners, but it can be fixed!

    You will have to take up the area of carpet that’s been peed on. If you don’t know how to, it could be a good idea to bring in some help.

    Once the carpets up, you can use baking soda or coffee grounds to try and remove some of the odor from the wood. Once that’s done, seal the scent with a stain-blocking, oil-based primer.

    It can also be a good idea to replace the padding and even the area of the carpet. It’s a tough job, but it will get rid of the smell!

    8) Scent Your Home

    Once you’ve cleaned up the mess and deodorized the area, keep your home smelling fresh. This won’t help if you haven’t properly cleaned though, so always do that first!

    By adding home fragrances, candles, and diffusers to your home, you can cover any bad smells from your pet. There shouldn’t be much left, but this can help finish off the job.

    You can even get room fresheners for pet smells, so try those out and see if they work!

    9) Professional Cleaning Services

    If you’ve tried everything and you can still smell cat pee, it’s time to call in the professionals.

    At Safe-Dry, we have a team dedicated to cleaning homes with pets. They can remove stains and get rid of odors easily. With our guys on the case, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

    Remove Cat Urine Smell For Good

    To find out more and remove cat urine smell for good, get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to help with any of your questions or find a time to come and clean.

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