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  • How to Get Dog Hair Out of a Couch

    January 23, 2024

    Everyone can agree that the best way to get rid of dog hair from your furniture is to prevent it from happening in the first place with regular grooming. But if your upholstery is already smothered in clingy dog furs, then some of your best options are vacuuming, pet hair removal tools, common household items, and some unusual tricks that will work like magic to rid your favorite sectional of dog hair.

    If you’re like most people, you probably have a dog you love, cherish, and give free rein inside your home. And like most homes where pets run amok, it’s probably covered in an array of clingy hairs. Keeping dog hair from completely overtaking the couch can seem impossible. As soon as you sit down, you’re covered in fur that clings to your skin, clothes, and somehow finds its way into your food. A minor annoyance, sure, but it gets even worse if you suffer from allergies. You can’t stop sneezing due to the sheer amount of hair and dander covering every surface! What to do? How do you get rid of all that dog hair in your couch?

    The first thing you should know is prevention is the best method possible. If you want to keep your sofa relatively fur-free, groom your dog regularly. Brush, wash, and groom your pet with the proper tools as often as a vet deems necessary so that their coat is healthy and won’t shed nearly as much onto your furniture.

    However, if you’re one of the dog owners whose couch is already smothered in the stuff, prevention is a moot point. For you, the hands-down best method to remove dog hair is vacuuming. A powerful enough vacuum will pick up loose dog hair and remove dander and other animal soils that can potentially leave behind odors. Vacuum your sofa regularly with the upholstery brush attachment to prevent and remove a build up of pet hairs. Use the crevice tool to vacuum along the seams where stubborn hairs can become embedded.

    Before you dive into cleaning methods to remove dog hair, it’s important to read over your furniture’s care tag for any special instructions for properly cleaning your couch. You want to be sure that any method you employ will not cause any permanent damage to your upholstery. However, the techniques in this article are safe for most furniture and fabric types.

    Hair removal tools, such as oversized sticky rollers and furniture brushes are fast and easy options to lift dog hair from a couch. Sticky rollers are great, as the adhesive clings to the hair and whisks it up with each pass. The oversized ones even cover more area, making the job much quicker to complete. Furniture brushes work the same way, but instead of sticky paper, this tool attracts and captures the hair with microfiber. If you run out of sticky roller, another inexpensive option is to create your own lint roller by wrapping masking or duct tape around your hand with the sticky side out. Then use your hand to pat away hairs.

    Everyday, common household items will also do the trick, so there’s no need to spend money on specialty tools! An inexpensive yet unusual technique involves rubber kitchen gloves and a bowl of water. Simply put the gloves on and dampen it by dipping your hand in the water. Now run your hand over the surface of your couch and be amazed at how the fur balls up into a wad that can easily be picked up and disposed of. If you have a sofa that can’t be exposed to water, using the dry rubber glove works just as well, though admittedly, the damp glove process is a little bit easier.

    Items like a damp sponge or squeegee can be used in a similar fashion and are efficient at pulling up dog hairs from sofa. With the squeegee, simply run it across your couch the same way you would use it to clean a window. Push the loose hairs into one spot then pull up and dispose of the clumps of hair.

    Another neat trick that dog owners swear by is using a hair catcher in your washing machine while washing your pillows, sheets, and blankets. Hair catchers are designed to attract and grab hair that is loosened from fabrics. Plus, they’re reusable, which makes them both friendly for your budget and environmentally friendly. Using white vinegar or liquid fabric softener in the washing machine can also help loosen fur from fabrics. Speaking of laundry, you can also use a single dryer sheet to rub the areas of the couch that are covered in the stuff. As the clingy sheet fills with fur, discard it and use a fresh sheet until the sofa is hair-free.

    For the last tip, if your couch has wood areas, such as on the armrests, backrest, or legs, then use furniture polish and a dry cloth to clean away dog hairs. Furniture polish reduces the static electricity that can attract pet hair to the surface.

    Don’t be one of those dog owners whose home is slowly being taken over by dog hair everywhere! Get some relief for you and your loved ones with these practical and inexpensive tips that will help you enjoy your space, newly freed from loose hair all over your clothes, skin, and even your food!

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